SteveO turns 50

Harmony I passed the half century mark last Friday and my sisters and friends made certain it didn’t go by without some ceremony. In particular they held a party at our friend Diane Spade’s home near the MSU campus. There was a nice crowd of Glendale soccer parents who we have gotten to know well as we share the boys exploits as well as some other fine folk I’ve met in the three years I’ve been in Springfield now. I also had three very close friends from Chicago come visit for the weekend of the party which was held September 24th. Amy Skapek, Anale Shaba and Liz Bentkowski came down for three days, staying with me in my downtown loft/bachelor pad. Amy took some great pictures during her stay and I’ll be adding those later.

In the meantime, I also got a very nice print from my high schoo friend, and first love, Bonnie Estrella. I visited her in San Diego in January and while spending the day at Balboa Park (think Golden Gate, Forest Park or Central Park) we saw this print by an artist named Lucy Wang. She does watercolor on silk and this print is called “Harmony”. Bonnie included a nice letter with the print describing how cranes represent longevity and success in the Chinese culture. I think she got a kick about pointing out the longevity part in particular. She also commented on how strong a community the cranes have and said some nice things about it therefore being an appropriate symbol for my life. Very touching.

So next time you see me, don’t pat me on the back too hard, I’m getting old after all.

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