Ice Storm

Park Central West You have all read or seen the weather reports about the ice storm that covered Texas to the Northeast coast. It was pretty significant in Southwest Missouri, with Springfield getting 2 inches over a three day period. The region that was hit the hardest stretched for what would be an hour long drive just West of Springfield up to Lebanon MO along I-44, extending a similar distance on the North-South axis.

The strangest part of the experience is that the roads and sidewalks were hardly affected. The temperature and slow pace of the rain lent it’s self to covering the trees, bushes and ultimately the grassy areas while there was enough heat retained in the roadways that only a light salting ended up being sufficient. The amount of damage has led the Governor to bring in the National Guard to assist in the cleanup, to be done under FEMA rules only.

I lost power Friday night, around 2:30am (I was unable to sleep due to a head cold and was watching a movie) and it came back on Sunday afternoon around 1:30 pm. 36 hours wasn’t too bad and I was able to enjoy some comfort in the meantime at my friend Diane’s house a mile away. Julie had power as well although while sharing a pizza with her Saturday evening the power went out around 6:00 pm. Following one of many ‘bangs’ that were part of the soundtrack of this experience. Between transformers blowing and tree branches full of ice falling throughout the day and night, it was a bit surreal.

Julie’s still without power but has been enjoying the opportunity to bond with her girlfriend Diane who has never lost power. Haylie’s enjoying extended sleepovers at girlfriends homes that have power and her father and brothers take advantage of the gym’s shower facilities while bundling up under extra blankets at night. My ‘nephew’ Dave and his wife Greta lost power early Friday evening and finally got it back Tuesday morning so they were vagabonds, enjoying friends hospitality and spending some time at my place.

Mom & Dad didn’t have a single problem with the ice storm that swept through St. Louis. That’s a welcome relief after their week without power this past July during the thunderstorms that hit the area and the ice storm that knocked them out for a couple of days in early 2006.

All in all, we have been very lucky. The city continues to work well, there is a strong sense of community support in this region that has been one of the best aspects of my move here. Wish us luck as everyone continues their recovery.

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