Ah, Chicago

I like this shot for a couple of reasons. It’s well done with the light conditions and it’s also a reminder of the six years I spent working in the building (1996-2002) during my final years in Chicago. This view is from the West crossing the Chicago River along Lake Street, the building is 300 W. Wacker at the bend in the river.

Dave Bishline & Greta Grawburg wedding

Bishline rehearsal dinner

Mom & Dad, along with Lucy & Eric and I attended the wedding of Dave Bishline and Greta Grawburg in La Crosse, WI on June 4th. The photo above is of Eric along with Joey Caldwell, who is two months older then Eric and the son of Monte & Mary Kay Caldwell. Mary Kay is the youngest of the Wagner girls and Dave’s aunt. We spend all of our holidays with the Wagner siblings and their extended families, usually hosting Easter & Thanksgiving while Mary Kay or Mary Pat (mother of the groom) host Christmas Day dinner.

The weather was beautiful in La Crosse, the reception was held in the Radisson located on the Mississippi river in the restored downtown area of La Crosse and a good time was had by all. We also had a chance to visit with Larry & Claudi Olson and their children Andrew & Hannah on our return trip to St. Louis. The Olson’s live in Waukon, IA which is less then 90 minutes from La Crosse. Andrew graduated from Dubuque College this May with a degree in Airport Operations while Hannah is a freshman at Mt. Mercy in Cedar Rapids.

8th Grade Graduation

Pershing Middle School Graduation

My favorite niece (she figured out years ago that she’s also my only niece so it doesn’t get me as many brownie points as it used to) graduated from Pershing Middle School this morning. By 10am she and her girlfriends (pictured above) biggest concern was whether to go the the mall or a friends house before joining some additional friends for an early lunch at Fuddruckers. Congratulations Haylie!

Hello world!

Wow, success. I now have a location to begin sharing the results of my genealogical research with my family. I’ve spent more then a few years visiting the locations in Iowa and Minnesota that were their early homes in the United States. I even visited Norway in March 2002 where I was able to meet my father’s first cousins, the children of my grandfather’s oldest brother Ole, also the name of my great-grandfather. There is also a cousin on my grandmother’s side and many children.

I’ve identified the hometown of my great-grandfather on my mother’s side, in Sweden, and it looks like he is my first direct ancestor to have arrived on these shores, in 1893. My mom’s father arrived in 1917, following older siblings whose families settled primarily in British Columbia and South Dakota.

There is a lot I have not determined and I’m looking forward to that journey. In the meantime, I will use this site to begin the process of sharing what I do have. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to learning more with your help!

Steve ‘Ole’ Olson